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Sunday, October 4, 2009


Look what I caught today. A beauty rainbow. Rick, Rejean and myself headed out today to fish the Mississaugi. We got there and, as usual, I headed off by myself to my special spot. I sometimes get lucky there and sometimes I get skunked but not today.

I started casting in and got a hit. I tried to get him back but to no avail. So I just took my time and cast in, let it drift and retrieve. On one cast I got a hit - not too strong but I knew I had a good one on. And he jumped 5 times!!!!! I wore the walkie talkie so I am in contact with the guys - I managed to let Rejean know that he was a jumper and that he was a good size. He was pulling line out and still jumping - he was giving me a good fight. I managed to get my net out from behind me but, with my 10' rod, it was just about impossible for me to net him so I had to beach him. I waited until he had tired out and got him on shore. Then I knew that he wouldn't fit in the creel so I had to put him on the stringer. I connected one end to my creel, filled it with rocks so he couldn't pull it out into the water and put him in the water. I couldn't take my eyes off him. Nice fish. I didn't get any more hits so I headed back to where the guys were. Rejean had got a 1 pound brookie (figures - the season ended a couple of days ago) he let it go. Then he caught a nice rainbow. We decided to head to another spot. Rejean got a nice pickerel and a rainbow that was just as long as mine but not a fat. We will have a nice fish fry Monday nite - Yum Yum.

Rejean and Rick also saw a huge bull moose across the river. I didn't see him because I was too busy trying not to fall in the river but he took pictures and you can see the huge rack on him- he was massive!!! Nice to know there are still such creatures out there like that.
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