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Sunday, August 22, 2010


My view from behind the bar - high shelf for me - my arm is sore today from lifting drinks up.
The spread...

It was the wedding weekend - I helped cater a wedding of 150 people at the Hall and it was hard work. Friday from 9am til 12:30pm but Saturday from 9am until 1:30 am - all that time on my feet - after the dinner I worked the bar from 7:30pm til 1:00 am. I have always wanted to be a bartender - back when I had been to Rosie O'Grady's in Florida it intrigued me and I acted out my fantasy last nite and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I remembered a few people's drinks - like the bride and groom's - and a few other "memorable" characters. I did inquire as to how certain people were getting home and did remember my Smart Serve training. Rejean came to sell the bar tickets at 7pm til 1am. He did a brisk business.

The food turned out great - it was requested by the bride - a traditional turkey dinner, and it was good but I don't know how people can eat turnips and sweet potatoes - ugh. Not my cup of tea but the meat was delicious - we had lots left over. I wore the wrong shoes - don't ask me why I wore them but I did and it's too late now to get rid of the blister. But they are ok today - I have recuperated - as I hope some of the people did this morning - some were - how shall I saw this - having too good a time.
Sunday and we are relaxing - if you can call washing, cleaning my house, sweeping outside etc relaxing - but we have no company - so we ARE relaxing...
See Ya Bye

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