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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Steve and Michael
5 minutes before we were going to walk out the door to go to Axe Lake for a Tequila party, the phone rings - and on the other line is my cousin Michael!!! He is on a road trip with his b-i-l Steve from Toronto to Vancouver and he is passing thru Thessalon - he thinks he knows someone who lives there and, after consulting his trusty phone book, realizes it is me!! He calls and get directions and arrives. After the 50 cent tour it is off to Joanne's place - what luck that the 3 sisters are together. We haven't seen Micheal in years so it is an unexpected pleasure!! After we visit at Joanne's, it is off to Roger and Lori's for a Tequila party - I haven't done tequila shots before because I get confused as to what to lick and what to suck and in what order but I learned last nite - AND we did it with oranges instead of lemons (or limes) Yum Yum. A great time was had by all and we finally hit the sack at midnite!!! I have to work today at the hall so I am feeling a bit sluggish. Michael and Steve are travelling in a motor home and we sent them off this morning at about 7am - up the Chapleau highway to continue their trip across Canada - but what a great time we had.
See Ya Bye

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