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Sunday, August 29, 2010


I woke up feeling pretty good and wanting to go fishing - but Rejean wasn't really up to it so I went by myself - you can't waste those days. I geared up and went to the river. Nothing was biting at Rejean's spot so I went to my spot. I hooked into the brook trout first - that was fun because he followed the worm right up to my feet before he finally took the whole thing. I managed to net him finally. Then I was into the 3 bass - nice fighters. Again I managed to net them and I decided I had enough fish for dinner so I left. The first time I have ever decided I had enough fish!! And they were delicious!!! We had the trout and 2 bass that evening for dinner in a Cajun mix - Yum Yum.
I was a little late coming back - I predicted I would be gone for only about 1 hour so Rejean started out to check on me after 2 1/2 hours - I passed him on the highway. Just in case I needed help - it's always a good thing to tell someone where you are and your estimated time of return - the fishing was good so I was a little hesitant to return home.
See Ya Bye


Anonymous said...

i will be right up-don't put your pole away yet-oh i forgot-i work tomorrow!!! my bad luck-sistersue

northernbliss said...

I left some for you for next year...;o)