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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I should have taken a picture of it before we ate it, but that didn't happen. I went to the Hall at 9am to bag perogies. We take orders and the other Ladies of Wharncliffe made a ton of perogies while I was, hmmm, on vacation. So I felt like I had to do my share. Phyllis and Vickie were already there getting ready to make more perogies. Actually 12 doz more perogies. The food sucker was slow so I helped while waiting for the sucker to suck and seal. We seal 1 doz perogie in a vacuum sealed bad and sell them for - wait for it - $1.50 - yes I know - almost free!!! And there are tasty. So I decided to buy some for dinner. Anythime I can get away from a big preparation, I do it. I was headed into town after so I planned to get some green onions and some old cheddar cheese. I also picked up some bacon so I wouldn't have to thaw any when I got home.
First I got some sliced bacon going in the pan then got my perogies in the water. By the time the bacon was done, so were the perogies. I put the perogies in the bacon grease and got a little crust going on them, then added the bacon back in. Heated that up for a moment, then put them on a cookie sheet, bacon over top and then shredded the cheddar cheese on it and put them under the broiler to melt the cheese. Then topped it off with the green onions - I am salivating just thinking about it and I finished dinner 2 hours ago.
The things I learn at the Hall - Who Knew???

See Ya Bye


JennyP said...

I know two people that will be coming for a visit soon... that would love perogies! I wonder who?

Anonymous said...

Janet-can you ship some down to me=better yet just deliver them and i will let you have some and stay for a slumber party-sister sue

northernbliss said...

I will put in an order for more just to accomodate everyone - and me too ;o)
Susan, we will eat some when we come to visit over the holidays - I will cook - and I have the waivers for you to sign before...