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Thursday, November 25, 2010


We went into town to give blood today and that is my blood you see in the picture. It took a while, as it usually does, but I donated a full bag. They always have problems finding a vein, then once they get the needle in, they have to jiggle it around to get the blood flowing. Then it keeps stopping then going - I have to squeeze a ball to get it pumping. But, after about 13 - 15 minutes, it is over. Then you get the free cookies. And, you know me, I'll do anything for free food.
I have O RH Negative. It is the kind that can be used on just about anyone, including new borns. When they see me coming, they are very happy.
So if you can donate, please do. It is something that you can do every 56 days. And you get cookies!!! What more is there...
Life IS good so share it.
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Anonymous said...

hoalinice purse!!

Anonymous said...

sorry the word verification got inputted before nice. it should read-NICE PURSE!!

northernbliss said...

Thank you very much - it is a JC Penney purse or maybe a Kohl's purse - I forget. And I did declare it...just in case you are wondering.