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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Rick, Rejean and I went out on Bill's Boat to Tunnel Lake the other nite and we did ok.  Rick caught a nice bass and I followed with 2 smaller, but nice bass.  Then, as sometimes happens, we lost them.  They were put in the basket and hung over the side of the boat but were forgotten when we moved.  The mistake was realized very quickly but it was too late.  The force of the forward motion of the boat had driven the fish out the door in the bottom of the basket - now who puts a hatch door on the bottom of a fish basket????  But, what was done was done and we moved on.  By the end of the nite we had 2 pickerel in the basket and in our tummies the next nite - yum yum. 
The bottom picture has a mother Canada goose and her little goslings - they acted as tho we weren't even there - cute.
See Ya Bye

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