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Sunday, June 24, 2012


I wasn't going to pick this baby up for a picture - just keep it in the net!!  It had teeth!!!  Rick, Rejean and myself went out on Tunnel again last nite - another beautiful evening.  I hooked into a small  bass and this one.  I had had a snag and lost the whole set up and while Rejean was retying my rod, he let me use his rod.  And guess what happened - I hooked into this beauty.  Again it felt like a snag but then it started pulling drag!!  A lot of drag!!  I only had 6 pound test on my slow death riggin'.  After what seemed like a long time we finally got it in the net and in the boat - I had hooked him in the corner of his mouth - you can see a bit of blood from his mouth - this did not hurt him in an way.  That is why I didn't loose him - if it had been in his lips or the front of his mouth, he would have cut the line in an instant.  We got some pictures and let him go to fight another fight. 
It was about 3 feet long and the guys guessed over 10 pounds!!  It was the biggest fish I have ever caught.

Rejean wants credit as well because it was his rod.... and the drag was set just right and my rod may not have been so I thank Rejean for that.  AND he netted it  so credit where credit is due.

Needless to say, I was happy!!


Anonymous said...

Nice fish Rejean, ha ha ha
Those big fish do get the blood pumping, dont they? Nice job

Meagan Beavers, RN said...

Your on a roll!

Lisa said...

Wow! You weren't kidding about that fish:) It was great running into you at the Trading Post! We are back home now and are already looking forward to our trip back next year!! I truly enjoy reading all your posts about life on the lake. Keep posting and maybe we'll "run" into each other again next year! LOL!