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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


These 2 pictures were taken yesterday, Tuesday March 26 - as you can see, we still have an enormous amount of snow still on the ground.  And, with such an abundance of the white stuff, combined with warmer temperatures, some structures have succumbed to the weight of the snow.  Unfortunately, one if these structures was Rick and Joan's shed.  We spent yesterday morning digging out the snow and transporting the contents to the garage.  We snowshoed in but were able to take off the snowshoes and walk on top of the snow, making it a lot easier for us. The only thing damaged was their bench slider chair and the base of the telescope and their totes.
 The second picture is of our wood pile - it is 4 feet tall so the snow is at least 3 feet deep considering how much is showing.  And look at the snow on top!!  It is going to take a while for this amount of snow to melt.  Our lane way is slushy and slippery in the afternoon.  If you are going to go anywhere, you go in the morning when the road is still frozen.
I guess it is just a waiting game.  It melts when it melts.  I bet the bugs are going to be out this spring!!!!
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Meagan said...

WOW! It looks like it blew up!