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Monday, March 18, 2013


It was getting close to the time when the ice huts have to be off the hard water and the weather was co-operating so we acted.  Ron had just had surgery on his shoulder so he drove the tractor and instructed us what to do.  We had to lift the shack off the ice and put blocks of wood under the floor to raise it high enough so that a sled could be inserted under the floor to haul it off the ice.  It went smoothly this year and we had it done in no time.  A total of 2 fish were caught this year - actually it was a tough year all over for fishing - Dave, who works at the dump, only caught 3 fish on Cummings.  Soooooo, it was decided that instead of putting the shack out again next year, we would recycle it to be our outhouse and storage building up at Hinkler as long as Ron could let it go and he said he could.  We have enough portable ice huts so he wouldn't miss it.  Thanks Ron!!  It will be the nicest outhouse in the bush!!
See Ya Bye

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