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Sunday, March 10, 2013


The real party was in the garage after the fishing was over.  We served hot dogs and beans for lunch (plus some chili for coney dogs) and the dinner was pot luck.  Please note that when you tell northerners that it is pot luck, be prepared for food galore.  And the derby was no different.  We had lasagna, chili, more beans, chicken soup, bean salad, lettuce salad, hamburgers, fruit and nuts and veggies, rice crispy squares (made by you know who) cookies etc.  I didn't even bring out my spiral sliced ham.  AND we had Cajun lake trout for appetizers dipped in maple syrup.
The prizes were handed out after dinner.  The main prize was won by Ron W.  He received a nice picture frame in which to put a picture of his beauty of a catch.  The next prize was for the most mature fisher person.  That was won by Len D who has the nick name around here of the chic magnet.  He is a true gentleman and he likes hanging around with our gang.  He won a fish knife.  The next prize went to the most immature fisher person which was won by John who is just a little kid at heart.  If you find beer caps in your boots or your hoodie hood, you know John has been around.  He got some Fish Crisp.  The final prize went to Jane who pulled in the Tuna.  She got a hand held flash lite and got to take home her can of tuna.
As usual, a good time was had by all.  It is wonderful to get together with friends to do something we all love.  And it was a bonus that a fish was caught.
See Ya Bye

John's pimped up snow machine.

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