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Monday, March 18, 2013


To those of you who post comments on my blog, you will notice that now I have to "approve" all the comments before they are published.  It is because I received an inappropriate comment the other day and I had to scramble to remove it  before people saw it.  At that time I noticed that there were more similar comments on other posts from earlier in the year and late last year.  I spent a few hours removing all these.  
I care what is published and try not to offend my followers.  If you have inadvertently seen anything like this before, please accept my apologies and know that it will never happen again.

1 comment:

Meagan Beavers said...

It's sad you have to do this. I love your blog and cannot imagine what innappropriate things people would have to say. It's sad. But I am sure all your follower's understand.