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Sunday, May 5, 2013


We put the dock down on May 2nd - the ice had gone out in our bay the day before so we took advantage of it.  today, May 5th all the ice and just a wee bit of snow is left on the shores.  We put Stacey and Andrew's pump in today and saw 2 tiny snakes.  We actually saved one from drowning - it must have been in the pipe we put in the water.  The water is extremely cold so we placed it on the rocks to warm up in order for it to slither away.  A few minutes later, I saw another one that was bigger than the first one.  I just watched it hunting and in a few minutes, it was gone.  We saw a loon on our lake on May 4th - they don't waste time - as soon as the ice is out, they are in.  Nice to see one on our lake.
Work Work Work.  Spring is a little late so we have to play catch up and BEAT THE BUGS!!!


Anonymous said...

the black flys showed uptoday down here-ss

Anonymous said...

has the ice all gone yet ? Pickerel tasting real good down in the south