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Monday, May 13, 2013


We are finally getting our wood done.  The snow gave us a day off but we were right back at it today.  We want to take 30 trees down and we have so far done 16 but in the end we may have to take more.  We are taking them close to the trail and choose ones that aren't too big so that they are easy to handle.  I tell Rejean that if he wants to get a full day's work out of me he has to take trees that I can handle - if I have to lift heavy ones, I won't last as long.  For the most part he has been accommodating my request. Stacey and Andrew and my new fur grandson Sam are here for a week so they were visiting us on their four wheelers. Stacey always looks good on her 4 wheeler - she is a natural.  Isn't Sam gorgeous?  He loves it up here.  He is very well behaved and they let him off his leash for him to dash around and explore.    Our "wall o' wood" is growing daily - not bad for 2 days work by a couple of seniors :o)


Meagan Beavers said...

Sam is absolutely beautiful! What a fabulous photo! 30 tree's! That's incredible! Good for you - that's hard work!

Anonymous said...

Often think about the days gone by. We used to have so much fun, especially with cutting trees down etc etc.