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Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Rick and Rejean went up to Hinkler last week for a few days to get in some hunting so the girls decided to do a little hunting (sorry - shopping) of our own.  We hit the Sault on Thursday and took in the buffet at the Sinton on Friday nite.  But in our travels on Thursday, we discovered that the guys had forgotten to take bread with them so we decided to take a quick trip up there to bring them some.  Joan  hasn't seen a lot of wildlife up here but on that trip we saw a mother bear and her cub, 3 partridge and a big wolf.  Then on the way home from Thessalon after dinner, we saw first one deer, then 3 further down the highway (the first picture is of a small buck).  I them commented that the only thing left to see was a moose.  Then further down the highway, there he was.  A huge bull moose just standing at the side of the highway.  You can just see him heading back down into the ditch.  We continued up the highway to see what else we could see and saw another small bear.
So in a span of 2 days we saw 3 bear, 4 deer, a wolf, 3 partridge and a bull moose.  Not too bad.

I will try and perfect my picture taking abilities but it's pretty hard when you are shooting thru a windshield and you have a tremor...

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Anonymous said...

So which went better the shopping or the hunting ? ? ?