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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


We hadn't seen Boots in a few weeks - we had been up at Hinkler so maybe he thought we had abandoned him.  Well he came around the other day and what a sight he was.  He must have been in a big fight with another creature that pretty much tore his face to bits.  His poor little eyes were practically sealed shut.  He had big scratch marks across his face and his little ears were all scabbed up.  And he was limping.  He was hungry probably because he couldn't hunt due to his condition.  When he took food from my hand he had to move his head around before he zeroed in on the food and he ate very slow.  After his fill he slowly limped away.  He was back the next day and he looked a bit better - his limp wasn't as pronounced and then today he had his old trot back.  But his poor face was still scabbed and torn up.  He is considered a senior - he has been coming around for at least 4 years and the life expectancy of a wild fox is about 5 years.  But he knows I will take care of him and he knows he is safe here.
There is left over turkey waiting for him...

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Meagan Beavers said...

Oh my gosh. Poor boots. Such a little friend to you he has been. Keep us posted!