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Monday, November 11, 2013


...someone fractures their elbow.  Yes, we had our first mishap but it happened on Thursday, well into our vacation.  But more about that later.
Our friends, Roger and Cherie were there and celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday.  We got them a nice bouquet of flowers and a big firework display (put on by the Trade Winds Resort).  It was fun.  We did the usual things we do in Florida - shopped all day Tuesday as you can see by the overflow of bags in the truck.  Got lots of good stuff including new sandals - actually Fit Flops - Susan and Joanne got the same ones and Deb had her old standbys.  My foot is at the bottom of the picture just in case  you wondered.  My toe doesn't hurt at all in these shoes so a great buy for me.  The picture of the drink is a Sea Hag Brew which was totally responsible for my "condition" on Tuesday nite at Sea Hags.  Great Mo-Town music so we were up dancing all nite long.  The next picture is of us at Sea Critters enjoying our Happy Hour drinks and a bowl of their famous Tomato Bisque with a dollop of crab on top.  Delish!!!
We were on our way to breakfast on Thursday morning and Deb tripped on an uneven part of the sidewalk.  Down she went.  We were finally able to get her talked into going to the hospital later that afternoon where it was discovered that she fractured her elbow.  They fitted her with a cast and I got her a sling at Walgreens which was a big help.  It could have been worse and it really didn't stop her from enjoying her last days in St Pete Beach.
I am starting my countdown until next year...

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