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Thursday, November 28, 2013


A little piece of stump as a souvenir of their week up north?  They have plans for this baby.
Steve scoped out the bush and found a perfect specimen and together we all worked to get it out and loaded onto his trailer for the trip home.  Jenn took pictures and so did I.  Rejean worked his magic with the tractor and no one was hurt - only cold.
As you can see, it is winter up here.  Our lake is frozen over and covered with snow but it has a way to go before we attempt to walk on it.  The bird feeder is out and the squirrels have taken up their spots under the feeders - everything is as it should be up here.

Tomorrow we start our wood for next year.  We can take them down, block them and get them ready for hauling out in the spring.  No bugs this time of year...

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Anonymous said...

what are they doing with the stump?ss