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Monday, March 31, 2014


Well the snow is coming down.  Last nite at about 8:30 we were downstairs watching tv when we heard the noise.  Like thunder and we both watched as the snow just came a'tumbling down from the roof at the front of the house.  We decided to clean it up when it was soft - it took about an hour but would have taken twice as long the following day.  And today I was on the computer at about 2pm when I heard a crack then nothing then watched as a wall of snow fell feet away from me outside the window.  It took out all our little cedars - it snapped them in half!!  Amazing to see and hear.  It rattled my dishes and I could feel the house move.  I would not have wanted to be under all that snow.  The snow also came off Stacey and Andrews roof facing our place.  We are just waiting for the garage roof to let go.  I have parked my car in the driveway beyond the garage to block any cars coming up the drive.  I would not want anyone to be driving or walking by that and it let go.  Instant death.  I run by when I am getting the mail.  It has to come down sooner or later...

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Anonymous said...

amazing that snow weighs that much- lost the garage bet again-ss