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Monday, March 17, 2014


I stayed home to help with the bar - I was planning a trip to Windsor but I was needed in the garage to help with the construction - 4 hands are better than 2.  My main job was to apply the coats of varathane, sanding then the finishing coat to all the oak pieces.  Today I held pieces in place, helped carry boards etc.  It is all coming together to be one beautiful piece of furniture.
The top picture is part of the work area - the top right is where the microwave will be placed - in the area below that is where the empty beer cases will be stored.  To the top left is for the stereo and beneath that is for the recycle boxes.  Lights are installed as well to illuminate the work surfaces.  Drawers and cupboards will be installed on the left hand side of the bar.
The next picture is of the front of the bar showing the raised panel sections separated by the ridged boards.
And then the coup de grace, the top rail which will be placed on the top front and side of the bar.  Then the foot rails will complete the bar.
I may have to break my no drinking during the week rule to have a celebratory drink once it is finished but I think that is still a few days away.  Still a lot of work to do.

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