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Saturday, March 8, 2014


OK - I am officially afraid to walk beside the garage for fear that I will be buried alive in the snow - I tell Rejean that I am going to get the mail so he will know to come and dig me out if it falls just after I have left.  By this time in past years, the snow has come off of all the roofs but not this year.  It hasn't warmed up enough so that the "slides" can begin.  That is one winter's worth of snow up there folks!!  And when it decides to come down, it will rock the garage.  We have a steel roof so when it starts, get out of the way.  I am worried about the wood shed being pushed over the side of the hill.  It will for sure block our driveway until we can get the tractor out and clean it up.

So….any bets as to when it's going to come down?  I will keep you posted and get a picture of it down.  Hopefully I will be on top of the snow instead of under it :o\


Rick Pomerleau said...

Ricky says March 16 approx. 3:15 pm

sue robinson said...

lets go with mar 17 at 3:15-sistersue

Anonymous said...

Be aware... all the snow slid off our cabin on Cummings Lake today! Stay safe! We enjoy your blog and will have to look you up this summer!