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Monday, March 24, 2014


…like ears and sox and panda bears
But best of all are sets of twins
With extra laughter and double grins*

For the longest time I had my dearest Sadie as my Fur Grand Child and we so enjoyed our times together.  She taught me how to be a Grandma and I spoiled her when I could as that is what Grandparents are supposed to do.
Well now we can put that experience to good use because we have great news from Jodie and Dave.  They are expecting - are you ready for this - twins!!!
Mother and Father and Babies are doing fine - we have seen 2 scans already but will see many more as  extra care and monitoring is needed with a multiple birth.  We know that they will be identical so they will either be 2 boys or 2 girls.  We are both "chuffed to bits" with the news as well as Dave's parents, Tish and Jim in England and Mary-Lou in Windsor  I think that means "thrilled to bits" as Tish used  that phrase in her email.
I am sure there is a trip to Abu Dhabi in our near future.

And I get to share this exciting experience with my sister Susan as her son Kyle and his girlfriend Marlorie are expecting twins as well.  What are the chances?  Jodie and Malorie are due within a week of each other so it will be exciting to hear of each family's amazing journey.

These children will be loved.

*author unknown
borrowed from the Internet


Anonymous said...

Hello Janet and Rejean, that you made the good news official.
I just love what you just wrote, everything about it and how you put it into your words, Ute

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