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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Ron and Mary were heading up to Hinkler on Friday so we decided to surprise them by heading up ourselves on Saturday just for the weekend.  It was a beautiful 2 days - the bugs weren't that bad and it was nice and warm.  And I got a chance to play with my camera again.  Everything was fine with the campsite and trailers.  When Ron and Mary returned from their 4 wheeler ride, there we were to greet them.  As usual, after dinner we had our Euchre games.  It was a cool evening and made it very easy to sleep.  Breakfast is always delicious with Ron in charge of the omelettes.  I got a couple of creatures to pose for me - the grey toad was a bonus find - the Robin must have stood in the same spot for 5 minutes just watching us.  And the snake that lives under the storage shed came out this morning and slithered into the bush for breakfast - I just happened to see him and got a couple of good shots.  The moth was on our front door when we got home.  It wasn't doing so well which is why he was still there in the middle of the day.  He was beautiful.
It was nice to get away from work if only for a couple of days.  Next time we fish!!!!

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