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Sunday, June 15, 2014


A repeat of the same picture from last year but I don't have a lot of pictures of my Father.  I dug the bottom picture out of my "box of pictures".  Sorry it is a bit blurry but it kind of was that kind of day too.  The day I got married - the first time.  One of the few times my father wore a suit.  Good memories of my Father that day.
My Father was a hero.  He was a pilot for Levens Brothers out of the Windsor Airport.  He flew the mail over to Pelee Island and took the pheasant hunters back and forth during hunting season.  One night he received a call that there was an emergency on the island.  There was a woman in labour    who needed to be picked up and taken to the hospital in Windsor.  There had never been a night landing on the island before and there were no lights on the runway.  The people on the island used their car headlights to light the runway and it was a successful landing and takeoff.  There was a write up in the Windsor Star and a picture of Father getting out of his plane the next day.  He said it was an uneventful flight.  But we knew better.

 He did good in his life.

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