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Thursday, June 19, 2014


As you know my old camera lost it's brain so I have been looking for a new one.  I tried the Kodak one but found it too big.  After researching on line, I finally decided on a Canon Power shot 600HS and I picked it up yesterday in the Sault at Future Shop.  I got a chance to play with it today over on Axe while we were fixing Joanne and Mitch's water at their camp.  I am very pleased with it.  It has an 18 x optical zoom and some fun settings I am still getting used to.
The first picture is off a couple of pups who were over visiting us.  The next one is just a view from the bunkie deck - nice colours!!  I tried the zoom on the little island way in the distance on Axe and the 2 resident Loons.  The merganser was walking on the neighbour's deck but took off when all the hammering started.
And the last picture is of some company we had later that afternoon.  John's brother Michael was up with his 2 friends from the Windsor area.  From the left is Rejean, John, Ken, Roger and last but not least, John's brother Michael.  Hi Guys!!!  After this they were headed back to John's for dinner which was going to be the fish they caught yesterday and today.  Enjoy!!

This camera is small and compact - just what I wanted, and the features are a bonus.  Only one thing - it didn't come with a cord to connect with my computer - I have to use the memory card to upload my pictures.  WTF?


Karen Beavers said...

Looks at those labs! Jet can't wait to be up at camp this summer!

Meagan Beavers said...

Barkley Beavers is pumped too!!!!!