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Friday, July 25, 2014


Tons of news that I haven't had a spare moment to report because I have been too busy with my sisters gallivanting all over the province and trails up here.
First off, Thessalon lost it's Piiza Restaurant last weekend.  A rip roaring fire that burned it to the ground.  But they did manage to save the LCBO right next door.  The volunteer Fire department did a wonderful job.  Everyone got out ok except the cat is missing.  Hopefully it is just scared and hiding somewhere safe.  Joanne got her butter tarts there every time we went to town.
  The next picture is off our dinner the other nite.  We had everyone over to enjoy Rejean's beer batter recipe.  Andrew is here with his sister, her husband and two girls, their dog and his mother and her boyfriend.  Plus Susan, Jack, Joanne and Mitch and you have a very full guest list for dinner.
Today the sisters are heading out again on our quads to look for a site we came upon years and years ago.  It is a pink rock face somewhere down a trail.  We have maps, beverages and Joanne's Bear Grylls' survival kit so we are good to go.  Should be an all day adventure.  I made sure my camera is charged as it wasn't yesterday and I missed a ton of photo ops but we did get a lot of pudding stones!!!

See Ya Bye

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