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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


By the time Joanne and I got to the Trading Post after picking her up at the airport, the only place for the 2 cases of beer was on her lap.  Keith happily helped her with the cases.  It happens every year - maybe I'll take the truck next year.  Notice her ice cream cone...
We went fishing last nite on Tunnel - it was a bit windy but we had a good time.  I got a small pike right off and then Rejean got a baby walleye.  Joanne and Mitch didn't catch anything but had a good time out on the water.
Last year we didn't have a chance to get our wood so we ordered it this year from local logger.  He delivered the last 2 bunks today and I had a chance to get a couple of shots.  The majority is maple with a few oaks in there.  All good clean logs and manageable size.  Should keep us busy for a long time.  But we have enough wood for the next couple of years.  That's a good thing!!!

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