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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Usually every morning when I wake up, this guy is waiting for me quietly on the branch of the big pine tree.  He is very quiet except when the fox is hanging around - then he caws - and caws - and caws.  I go downstairs and go outside - the raven sees me and hops to another branch where he thinks I can't see him.  He waits until I have put the bread (or whatever leftovers I have) on the ground and turn to go back in.  I can see him fly down in the reflection of the windows in front of me.  He thinks I don't see him.  He hops toward the bread - he stops and scans - then hops over a few feet closer and stops and scans.  If it is something he doesn't recognize, he hops sideways towards it and jabs at it quickly - to see if it is still moving I think.  He'll eat one or two pieces then stuffs as much as he can fit in his beak and flies away to stash it then returns for the rest.  And he does a good job of stashing it - I have looked and I can't find it.
Once in a while there is another one with him.  They seem to share the food and calmly wait for the other to finish stuffing the bread in it's beak.
Nature is great!!

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