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Saturday, July 26, 2014


So we were all sitting around just before dinner when Jack spots this raccoon just over towards Stacey & Andrew's cottage.  A raccoon with it's head stuck in a jar!!  You could tell it had been tree a while because he wasn't very fat.  He couldn't see or hear very well thru the plastic jar as he didn't seem to be too afraid of us and we got within a couple of feet of it.  Rejean got the net and eventually got the net over it and then the fun began.  I tried to pull the jar off it's head but it was stuck really good and I couldn't budge it even with me pulling and the raccoon pulling just as hard.  We had to get some cutters to cut the jar neck and then it came off.  We all jumped back and got him out of the net and off he went.    I am sure some raccoon god is smiling down at us and we will be rewarded in some raccoon way in the future.
Then we all went out fishing Tunnel last nite - the guys in one boat and the girls in another.  We stuck to the calm bay and Susan spotted this family of raccoons on shore.  We spooked them and they retreated into the bush.  A little further down must have been 2 more babies who were just crying their little eyes out because they couldn't see or find the rest of their family.  I am sure with all the ruckus they did manage to find each other.
The girls didn't catch a thing but the guys got 2 walleye, a bass and a perch.

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