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Sunday, August 31, 2014


It rained on the last weekend of the non-summer so we decided to take a ride up to Hinkler to check on the trailers.  We got a nice fire going, had a picnic and took a ride further up the road.  We came across a brand new bridge that was constructed in order to reopen a road that could not be accessed because somebody took out the bridge that had originally been there.  What a nice job they did.  It was sturdy and functional.  I am sure we will be crossing that bridge this fall for bird hunting.
I also liked the new handle on the outhouse at camp.  Tim did a great job.
It was a nice way to spend a cloudy, dreary day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,

Tina here, your hinkler neighbor...just wanted to let you know that my inlaws are the one's reponsible for the painting and new handle on the outhouse. Maybe see you in bird season!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry Ann, I mistakened you for Mary...Tina