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Sunday, August 10, 2014


After a kayak ride I always flip it over so that if it rains, it doesn't accumulate inside and then I have to drain it.  This afternoon I flipped it right side up for my afternoon ride and this little guy was hiding from the sun under it.  I dashed up to the house to grab my camera and some worms to feed it.  By the time I got back down, he had slithered under the kayak.  I saw his head poking out and I tossed a couple of worms his way - 3 to be exact.  And he got them all.  I stuck around to watch as I find it fascinating to watch.  (you can see one of the worms in the bottom right hand corner to the left of the white rock - he has his eye on it already).  I decided not to bother him anymore and left him alone.
He was gone by this evening so I launched the kayak and followed Rick and Melina around the lake on their evening fishing excursion - Melina got a pickerel - all by herself.
No sign of the little snake.

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