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Monday, August 4, 2014


I picked Joanne up at the Sault airport on July 3rd and then dropped her, Mitch and Andrew off at the Sault airport on August 3rd.  What a whirl wind month.  Non stop action.  Sue and Jack came up for their annual visit.  Joanne and I met Sue in NorthBay and then went on to Kirkland Lake for the baby shower and then about one week later the twins came - a bit early but everything is going just fine.  Then Joanne and I went to Sudbury on a surprise visit to see Sue and the kids.
And then to top it all off, the Axe Lake meet and greet was held on their final nite here.  And it was Mitch's birthday the next day so we celebrated at the party.  I picked up the cake in Thessalon but totally forgot about the parade!!  Main street was closed and I had to somehow get thru to pick up the cake at ValueMart.  I finally had to walk from highway 17, across the red bridge, cut in-between the floats to pick up the cake then walk back the same route.  I was the only person walking in the whole town - everyone else was standing still watching the parade.  "Is that a pizza?" people would ask.  And it was big and by the time I got back to my car, it weighed a ton.  But there was none left the next day.  The party was a Brent and Nat's new garage - and what a party it was.  People I had never seen before were there and the food!!!!!  Tons!!  And they had Mo-Town going on the big screen and Mo-Town just makes everything so much more fun.  Rosenberg's donated $350 worth of fireworks that was the highlight of the night.  John and Brent went over to the Island and set them off.  Everyone had an amazing seat.
Everyone had a great time.
Barry and Sandy come in tomorrow and Rick, Joan and Melina come in Thursday!!

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