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Thursday, March 19, 2015


It was March's LLL (Local Ladies' Luncheon) held in beautiful downtown Thessalon at the Sunset Beach Restaurant which was doubling as a baby shower for Cheryl's new grandson.  We had over 25 ladies show up - everyone except the guest of honour, who we forgot to tell and had other plans for today.  Everyone had a good chuckle over our mistake and the gifts were later delivered to her house.  But we had a surprise visit from our local MPP Michael Mantha who just happened to be in town and looking for someplace to have a nice lunch.  As soon as he walked in the door and saw our table of lovely ladies, he couldn't help himself and asked if he could join us.  How could we refuse.  I was at the opposite end of the table from him but I could hear the laughter and observed the girls engaged in conversation with him,  sometimes serious but mostly light heartedly. He was given a copy of our new Valley Voice newsletter and he was very interested in the contents and he made a few suggestions that will be followed up by the committee.  He was just so friendly, personable  and easily blended into our celebrations.  Jane brought the cake and Michael happily posed with it.  At the end of the luncheon he suggested a group photo.  I think he was glad he chose Thessalon for lunch.

A good time was had by all - except Cheryl…:o(

ps - it was one of the Sunset Beach's cook's birthday today so all the ladies ate the little cake cars and we sang Happy Birthday to the cook and gave her the bigger cake.

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Anonymous said...

Wish you could put this up on Facebook Janet, it's sooo good. Maybe with just a tiny photo you could share it?? Great comment on a great gathering. Ute