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Friday, March 6, 2015


Poopsy came home yesterday.  As you remember, Poopsy had mange and I took her to the Wild At Heart Animal Sanctuary in Lively for treatment in the middle of November.  She recovered and I was able to bring her back home.  She was very quiet on the way home in the car and once the sheet was removed from her cage, she looked around.  I put some food into her cage but she wasn't interested in it - I think she knew she was home and just wanted out.  I opened the cage door and after a few seconds of hesitation, she ran out.  It was a bit slippery on the driveway and she didn't make a graceful exit.  She stopped, got her bearings and headed off down the driveway.  She wasn't as fluffy as I thought she would be but I am sure she will fill out.
I have seen her tracks around today so I think she is hanging around but I haven't seen her but I will be looking.

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