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Sunday, June 28, 2015


We launched Mitch's new boat yesterday at Hooverville for a day on Tunnel - and what a day it turned out to be.  The weather was perfect - the lake was calm and the fishing was good.  What else is there?  It was the first time Mitch had had it on the water and we had to test out everything - including the new trolling motor.  That is a picture you won't see everyday - 2 guys reading the instruction manual - but it certainly came in handy.  This motor will keep you in one spot - better than an anchor!!
With the 150 HP motor, we were at our destination in no time flat.  Quiet and smooth.  I caught the first fish - a nice size bass - and Mitch caught the first Walleye.  We finished the day with 4 Walleye and 3 bass - the big Walleye Rejean is holding is mine - I don't like to hold them because they have sharp spines and teeth!!!
Mitch let Rejean drive it and now he wants one!!

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