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Tuesday, June 9, 2015


We haven't seen Poopsy in a long time - I would say maybe3-4 weeks - and I always think the worst.  John kept saying she's having her babies but I didn't think so.  Remember she was in captivity at Wild At Heart Animal Sactuary in Lively being treated for mange and just released back into the wild in March or April.  When did she have the time to meet someone - but meet someone she did and now has a litter of kits somewhere.  I could see nipples on her stomach as she sat down in front of me   I gave her some liver and she proceeded to climb up on the picnic table and sat there and posed for me for about 10 minutes.  I just kept talking to her and she was relaxed - probably waiting to go back to her babies and just needed some peace and quiet for a moment.  She looks good!!

Maybe she will introduce me to her kits at some point in time...

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Anonymous said...

You are a life saver, Janet. Today I (almost)stopped to move a little turtle over to the other side...thinking of you, Ute