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Friday, June 12, 2015


I stopped into the Trading Post and Cathy mentioned that a couple who have a summer home nearby had asked her to let me know that they had some baby stuff for me.  They knew the kids were coming for a visit and knew I had hardly anything in the way of highchairs etc for them.  She gave me their names and where they lived and I dropped by yesterday afternoon to meet them.
What a visit!  I made some new friends!!  Donn and Marlene and their little dog (I forgot his name but he is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel) and he is a cutie.  They follow my blog (Donn even knew I had surpassed 150,000 views) and knew about the visit coming up.  They are professional grandparents - if I remember correctly, they have 7 grandchildren under the age of 4 and an 18 year old who is going away to college (Marlene was quilting a t-shirt quilt for him).
They showed me around their beautiful home and the bunkies - they live on top of their garage just like we did when we started out.  I told Donn that he needed a bigger garage because he can't fit  all his toys in his.  That is how it starts…
They let me know what they had that I could borrow for the kids - even down to the plugs for the electrical outlets (which Jodie thought was a good idea by the way).  This is going to help out so much. I hadn't even thought about some stuff - like how they would take a bath as we don't have a bathtub - only showers.
Such nice people - but it doesn't surprise me.  People around here help each other out no matter what.  I invited them to join us at the Thessalon Legion's Fish Fry at our special table set up downstairs by the bar.  I am sure they will fit right in …if we don't scare them away...

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