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Saturday, October 3, 2015


What a perfect few days to be out in the bush!!  Not a cloud in the sky and hardly anyone out on the trails.  On our first day out when we came back, our neighbours in the campground, Will and Harley, got a beautiful bull moose - their first one in four years.  It was massive!!  When I first saw it hanging, it just didn't look real.  They say they will share about 600 pounds of meat  when it is all said and done.  We celebrated with them by their campfire that night.  They have quite the set up there.  All together we got 9 birds.  I could do no wrong he first day but the next day I couldn't shoot a bird if my life depended on it.  I did get one tho.  Rejean got stung by a couple of bees retrieving a bird in the bush.  We must have disturbed the nest.  But it was cold first thing in the morning - there was frost in the mornings and my hands just wouldn't warm up.  We spotted a bird on the road first thing and I couldn't load my gun let alone shoot it.  Needless to say that bird lived another day.
We hope to get out again when Rick comes back up next week.  It will be better as the leaves will be down and it will be easier to see them in the bush.
The last picture is of a Spruce Hen that flew into the tree as I was going past it.  It was too close to shoot so I took out my camera and got a picture of it.

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