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Monday, October 26, 2015


It is that time of year again where I leave the bare trees and frosty mornings for the warm sands and sunny skies of St Pete Beach to enjoy a week with my sisters Susan, Joanne and our honorary sister Deb.
I look so forward to this week to be able to enjoy their company, drink our favourite cocktails (Susan wants to try Whiskey Sours on the beach but I think I will just stick to strawberry daiquiris and margaritas) and go to our favourite spots to eat and dance the night away - ok so maybe stay up to 10pm.  Watch the beautiful sunsets with our friends we have met there - Roger and Sherri - and just enjoy the walks on the beach and the sounds of the waves lapping at the shore.  Our search for sea shells and other beach treasures is a daily routine.
This year I have pledged to go down the big water slide at the Trade Winds - I will be sure to get an action photo of that!!

Ladies, start your engines...

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