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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Got all my chores done and it was a nice day so I passed some time in the double blind this afternoon.  I had charged my camera so I got some pictures of the only visitors to the feeder - the blue jays and the chipmunk.  My Canon SX600HS has an amazing zoom - it says on the actual camera that it is an 18x optical zoom but I can get it up to 72x - probably not optical but I am not too techy but I know it can get some great closeups as you can see.  We haven't seen the BIG bear around for the past few days but the little cub is still coming around and so are the deer!!!  I was hoping to see the little cub but he must be sleeping.  I was entertained by these guys tho.  Fun to watch.

And I want to welcome Mimi and Bob to the blog.  They run Mimi's Vegetable Stand in Cottom in Southern Ontario - friends of John and Linda and any friends of John and Linda are friends of mine.

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