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Saturday, October 17, 2015


Rejean, Rick and myself headed out for one last bird hunt this week - we decided to go to Rapid River as we hadn't been there in quite a while and never hunted on the quads there.  The trails were beautiful and should have produced more than the two birds we saw.  Rick got the last one and we are having bird for our pre dinner snack this afternoon.
Just one question for all my loyal readers who know something about hunting etiquette - when hunters on on a trail and more hunters come up behind them - should the second group of hunters who approach turn around and go back or proceed in front of the original group.  This has happened to us twice where the approaching hunters have gone around us and proceeded up the trail, either spooking the birds or shooting them.  I think they should turn around and go back as the first group has first dibs on the trail.
What do you think?


Marlene VanDerSchie said...

Donn says you are correct.....the other hunters are rude!

Dirk Pastoor said...

Did they first ask if they could "Play through"?