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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


It was going to be a beautiful day - maybe one of the last ones - so we decided to head up to Hinkler to get some birds.  We headed out early and were on the trail by 9am.  The first bird was not too far down the trail.  The limit is 5 per person and we eventually got our limit.  But what a good time we had.  We saw a lot of birds and we were the only ones around.
I have a 20 gauge shotgun pump action and I always put in two shells when I am preparing to shoot.  Rejean spotted the bird for me and I loaded up and quietly approached to find out where the bird was - he was to the left.  I slowly moved forward a bit to try and see him  Then a bird came out from the right and I shot it.  Immediately another bird came out from the right and started across the trail.  I quickly ejected the spent shell and then shot the other one.  I wasn't too sure I got the second one but I did!!!!  Wow!!  First time that has ever happened.  I was so excited I forgot to get a picture of those two birds.
I now have a good supply of partridge in the freezer for the winter.  I am going to make some partridge soup this weekend!!
And out trusty temperature gauge at the wood pile showed how really hot it was today - 80 degrees - I wish!!!

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