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Monday, November 9, 2015


Did the slide but no photos to prove it - actually we all did the slide.  We all met the height requirements - even me.  Paid our $4.00 a slide and started up the "ladder" - I was first - why?  I have no idea but I think it was because it was my idea.  I have a slight fear of heights and even the ladder was giving me a bit of a problem - don't look down or up - just keep climbing.  Susan thought it was an escalator!!!  I got to the top and looked down - not so bad.  I took a leap and down I went!!  You really pick up a lot of speed at the top and boy do you feel it.  They spray you with a hose before you make the climb (I think the guy was having too much fun spraying us with the water) and then a guy at the top is spraying water down the slide so you are sure to slide far.  At the bottom I started spinning and didn't slide as far as the other girls did.  But I certainly screamed as loud as they did.  What fun!!  Susan was yelling she wanted a day pass!!  But we will save that for next year.
Next year we are going to rent the skidoos for a half an hour and zip around for a bit.  Can't wait!!!

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Sandra Mino said...

Sounds like you girls had another wonderful and memorable vaca ! I am sure much fun and silliness was had !!! Yehhhhhhhh !