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Sunday, December 13, 2015


Someone got a new truck for Christmas!!!!  And it is a beauty with all the bells and whistles that we are still playing with and learning how to work.  Today we found out that my little flip cell phone works in the truck for calls - I would have bet a ton of money it didn't but what do I know about that kind of stuff.  But it does - I was busy putting all our contacts in for future reference.  It has a back up camera that I found out really doesn't make me feel any safer when he backs up in the front yard.  I still panic and think we are going over the edge - my Father to thank for that twisted part of my life.
It is pretty much the same on the outside except for the step rail that now extends past the rear passenger door for easy access to the truck bed - I always had to climb up on the rear tire and hoist myself up and over into the back of the truck.  Should be easier now for me.  The tonneau cover is a soft top instead of the hard top we had on the old truck - it was heavy to handle by myself and very hot in the summer.  We will see how this one handles.  The gear shift is now a dial instead of the actual handle - that will take some getting used to.  And all the techy stuff - wow - there is a screen that displays everything - the climate controls, the media centre, the temperature inside and out and what direction we are heading in.  Talk about distracted driving.  You need a passenger just to help keep your eyes on the road there is so much to look at and touch and check but I think once you know what you are doing it should be ok. There is even voice activated controls that should be fun to play with.

I got to drive it part of the way home from the dealership - Algoma Chrysler in Sprague - a very pleasant buying experience and I highly recommend it if you are in the market for a new truck or car or jeep.  We will be going back for my new vehicle next year…

And as you can see there is not a speck of snow or ice around and it is December 13th!!!  Talk about global warming!!!

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