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Monday, December 28, 2015


Lots of small branches all over the place - trees on wires everywhere.  Our power was out for 48 hours but we are lucky - some people once they had power lost it again.  The second picture is of a tree down across the road into Parker's which we took care of.  No damage done to any structures around here thank goodness.
Now it is getting colder!  -15 here this morning with a winter storm on the way for the next couple of days.  Looks like winter has returned…but the ice is trying - our lake has a thin skim of ice on it now but the other day there were open patches and Jobam (the middle picture below) is wide open and by now, in a normal winter, would be covered in a  layer of ice thick enough to handle ice fishermen and snowmobiles.  It has been a weird winter so far!

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Andrew said...

Thanks SO much for taking care of the tree on the way to Parker,