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Sunday, December 13, 2015


I saw him again today down on the septic bed and hanging around the cedars and spruce.  He seems to have made himself right at home and he even has a friend that comes around every once in a while because we have spotted the two of them a few times.  There is lots for him to eat and lots of shelter from the wind and rain.  In this picture he is drying himself off in the five minutes of sun we had the other day.  All fluffed up.
Maybe in the spring we will have a little partridge family...

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Sandra Mino said...

Awesome truck ! And I love the color !! And Barrys little flip phone works in my car also. I have it set or should I say Tammy has it set LOL to have it pick up my phone first then Barrys since I drive it most of the time. Enjoy!!