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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


We had John and Linda, Doug and Diane over last nite for a couple of hours to play Kinect.  Doug and Diane had never played and it didn't take them long to catch on - except for Diane who had a little trouble letting go of the bowling ball at times - That floating ball was everywhere!!
That first picture was of the final score for a bowling game.  That is my 225 score!!  Never in my life have I scored that high.  So proud!!
We next switched to darts and I must say that Doug's hand was soooooo steady - he was getting bull's eyes with each dart.  I was impressed because, as you know,  they call me Tremor Girl.  But I did manage to win a couple of games of darts - no one was more surprised than me at that.
It certainly was a fun night and I bet we do it again this winter.
Diane wants to try ping pong…and I want to try golf...

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