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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I hate bed skirts and box springs!!!  Don't know why but I have a great dislike of them so this winter our project is building a new bed that will appear to be floating - it is actually going to be situated on a base that is set far enough away from the sides of the bed that it appears to be floating - something like the bottom picture but mine will be nicer.  Also the night tables will be floating as well - attached to the wall with a french cleat.  In the top picture is one of the night tables - a cube that will have a drawer up top and an open space underneath the drawer.  They are made out of oak stained in ebony.  The middle picture is the base that the platform will sit on - the mattress will sit on that platform.  The headboard will be composed of two types of wood - oak stained in ebony and natural yellow birch.  It is all coming together rather nicely.

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