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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


This month's luncheon was held at the Wharncliffe Community Hall - under new management.  We had a great turnout thanks to the ladies from Parkinson Township and Kynoch who asked if they could join in this month - the more the merrier.  We had over 24 ladies today.  The soups were delicious - I started out with the beef barley - good, but mine is better - and then I had a scoop of the pea soup and it was great.  I am not a pea soup girl but this one looked good so I tried it - this is actually the second time I have been surprised at how good pea soup has been - maybe I am missing out on something.  I had half a chicken sandwich and one cookie for desert.  The Trifle was a masterpiece and everyone raved about it.  Good job Mari-Lou.
Everyone enjoyed the luncheon at the Hall.  Sometimes we don't have good experiences at local restaurants -  maybe because there is sometimes so many of us.  We may choose to do a lunch at a local restaurant one month then back to the Hall for the next month and continue to revisit the Hall every second month.  It supports the local community hall and it is a very relaxing atmosphere that everyone seemed to enjoy.  The seating arrangement let everyone see each other and made it easier to talk to people across the room.  We went around the table introducing ourselves and where we lived.  It is good to see everyone out and enjoying themselves.
Next month Wakamata Shores Resort...

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