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Friday, January 1, 2016


I did manage to stay awake until midnight thanks to the great group of people at the annual Axe Lake New Year's Eve Party which was held in John's garage mainly because he has a big screen tv and we could watch the hockey game (which Detroit lost) and the Ryan Seacrest New Year's Eve party.  Thank goodness we had Emily there to tell us who was signing and what they were singing.  That's her and her brother Nathan in the last picture with John and Linda - they have a camp next door to them.  I would say about 35 people showed up and Linda was panicking about whether everyone was going to fit but there was also a bon fire going outside so it was never an issue.  Everyone fit just fine.  As usual Davey brought the ribs and chicken and sausage from Windsor - he cooks them over an open fire and they are always delicious - there was also chilli, perogis, Sault St Marie meatballs and my eggs of course - 36 gone in no time. Tons of other food as well including Linda's world famous Rice Crispie Squares - they quickly disappeared - I helped!!   We also had Diane showing us all how to do the mashed potato once Randy Googled the right song.
We are invited back today for Ceasars and leftovers - he had me at Ceasars …

Happy New Year everyone - mine is off to a grand start!!

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